23 Jul 2015, 00:00

My Family’s Experience With WOW Airline, Told in a Series of Tweets.
[NOTE: WOW Airline did reach out and make this right for us. Calling customer support didn’t help, but calling them out on Twitter did. That is an unfortunate precedent, but welcome to our new social-media-driven society.] If I can prevent one family from having this experience with WOW Airlines, then it was worth being public about it. @wow_air My family had a really disappointing experience getting from CPH to BOS on your airline.

11 Oct 2014, 00:00

Where to Post? Finding Yourself Amongst Ello, Facebook, and the Glut of Social Media
Ello is a social platform that has been the subject of some buzz recently. Either by design or by accident, Ello is squarely positioned as the anti-Facebook, which immediately places it in a similar space in people’s minds. That’s a great deal for Ello, because feature-wise they have a long way to go before the can really throw down: no mobile app, no OAuth, no API. Ello claims to be built on a Freemium model that will sustain the company without them resorting to selling user info; but only time will tell.