23 Jul 2015

My Family’s Experience With WOW Airline, Told in a Series of Tweets.

[NOTE: WOW Airline did reach out and make this right for us. Calling customer support didn’t help, but calling them out on Twitter did. That is an unfortunate precedent, but welcome to our new social-media-driven society.]

If I can prevent one family from having this experience with WOW Airlines, then it was worth being public about it.

@wow_air My family had a really disappointing experience getting from CPH to BOS on your airline.— N. Harrison Ripps (@nhripps) July 23, 2015

@wow_air Assigned seats that my family paid extra for were totally ignored and not even reflected at the ticket counter computer— N. Harrison Ripps (@nhripps) July 23, 2015

@wow_air So we had to beg for our 3 kids to sit with adults in our party. Why did we bother paying extra for assigned seats?— N. Harrison Ripps (@nhripps) July 23, 2015

@wow_air Next problem - my father-in-law paid for extra legroom. Not only did you give his seat to another person, you refuse to refund him.— N. Harrison Ripps (@nhripps) July 23, 2015

@wow_air In short, our experience flying with you: paying another airline extra $$$ for not being ripped off is money well spent.— N. Harrison Ripps (@nhripps) July 23, 2015


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