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  • A Sunbeam for Mia

    We lost Mia today. I’ve always read posts like this with some amount of indifference because in the back of my head I am thinking “this is just an animal” and “this is not a person”. And so I forgive you for feeling the same way. I understand that response.

  • Advice From an Open-Source Hiring Manager

    In Decemeber of 2014 I transitioned from fifteen years of being a developer into being one of the people managers on a really amazing team here at Red Hat. All told, my first year in this role has been a tremendous learning experience for me. If you are interested in becoming a part of a team like this one, here is some advice for you based on the dozens of interviews I have conducted over my first 15 months.

  • Comments on backing up a Linux laptop.

    My primary workhorse right now is an HP Omen running Fedora 22. Thinking and talking about how to restore my work environment from a total failure, I came to the conclusion that there are three primary things that need to be preserved:

  • My Family’s Experience With WOW Airline, Told in a Series of Tweets.

    [NOTE: WOW Airline did reach out and make this right for us. Calling customer support didn’t help, but calling them out on Twitter did. That is an unfortunate precedent, but welcome to our new social-media-driven society.]

  • New Challenges, New Tools

    I almost feel like a traitor, which is a weird way to feel about consumer electronics. But my next laptop is not going to be a MacBook. Our current development work on OpenShift requires easy access to a docker service, and Boot2docker just doesn’t cut it.

  • Work with me here, Verizon

    Yesterday, in rapid succession, I received three texts from Verizon Wireless. The first told me that I’d used 75% of my data for this billing cycle. The second told me I’d used 90%. The third told me I’d gone over. This was in the span of about a minute.

  • iCloud "Family Sharing": Great Feature Unless You Use iTunes Match

    Family Sharing provides users with a way to share purchases from their iCloud/iTunes account with up to five other people. Additionally, this feature enables you to create iCloud accounts for children, and to manage the purchases and content available to those accounts.

  • Where to Post? Finding Yourself Amongst Ello, Facebook, and the Glut of Social Media

    Ello is a social platform that has been the subject of some buzz recently. Either by design or by accident, Ello is squarely positioned as the anti-Facebook, which immediately places it in a similar space in people’s minds. That’s a great deal for Ello, because feature-wise they have a long way to go before the can really throw down: no mobile app, no OAuth, no API. Ello claims to be built on a Freemium model that will sustain the company without them resorting to selling user info; but only time will tell.

  • TL;DR: Stop Expecting Achievements to Make You Happy

    A moment of clarity from the folks at HuffPo…

  • OS X to Fedora 20: The User Experience, Part 2

    Just tuning in? Have a look at Part 1 to find out how I installed Fedora 20 on a MacBook Air and why I am so interested in trying to duplicate or even surpass the user experience that I previously enjoyed with OS X.

  • OS X to Fedora 20: The User Experience, Part 1

    A little background here: I have been a Mac enthusiast for a number of years now. I would not say that I am religious about OS X, but if the OS X user experience is a philosophical application of “opinionated software”, then I find myself in agreement with most of the opinions that the Apple UX team has expressed.